Sound Advice. Practical Solutions.

The Firm

Mason Counsel Group, LLC, is a national general counsel law firm. We diligently provide sound advice and practical solutions to our clients. Our firm was founded in 2016 with the goal of introducing an innovative and reliable law firm to the marketplace. We are dedicated to delivering world-class service to our clients. As a general counsel law firm, we assist clients in many legal areas. Mason Counsel Group, LLC provides counsel to high net worth individuals, families, emerging companies, and established companies.

We counsel clients as they pursue transactions, represent them in resolving disputes, and defend them in litigation. Our firm routinely supports in-house legal departments of corporations as outside general counsel, corporate counsel, or co-counsel in cases. Additionally, we provide counsel to law firms, such as representing the organization or lawyers within the firm when an issue arises. As a national general counsel law firm, Mason Counsel Group, LLC will provide and facilitate representation throughout the United States directly, or in association with another law firm. 

Mason Counsel Group, LLC is focused on serving our clients, and building enduring relationships with them. Prior to accepting a client, we take time to learn about them, their goals, their needs, and their expectations. As general counsel to our clients, we are prepared to assist them with any legal matter that may arise. We work with our clients as their sole legal adviser, or as part of a team of legal advisers.  Mason Counsel Group, LLC, is committed to delivering the best result for its clients each and every time.